09 May 2019

Bitter Post Warning

Sorry for the title. If you do not like to read bitter stuff, you don't need to read this. I understand.

I once greeted this person in my usual jolly tone, "Good morning!" with a smile of course.

This person says, "Hindi ka nakakatuwa."


07 July 2018

"I thought we're best friends?"

And this person goes, "I just want to make it clear with you so that you will understand. My family knows this, my cousins know this. My best friend is ______. "
You already put me in my place with your words. You made me feel so small. You made me feel so stupid.
Remember, YOU told me we can be best friends and that was just 2 or 3 years ago. I guess I misunderstood the word "can."


I just need some place to vent.

When I ask friends how they are, where they are or a simple how their day went, it's because I genuinely care for them. That's me. But if that person's reply is "why do I feel like you're checking up on me?!?!" It tells me to BACK OFF. It saddens me that I cannot be myself with that person. That's not me. That person is not a friend. #unfriend