17 December 2008

Some Kind of Homecoming...

Remember my "My To Do" entry in January? Am proud to say that most of it I have done this year (yeyyy for me) but sadly, some fell between the cracks.

Anyway, after a whole year of procrastinating, I went to DFA for the "personal appearance" part of the renewal of my passport (yeah, I just stayed in Manila this year, poor me). You know, it was a good thing that I renewed my passport online via the Pilipinas Teleserve Inc. When I got there, it only took me less than 5 minutes. No kidding!!! I was just asked to check if all the information printed on a paper were correct and was asked to thumbmark it, said it will be delivered on the date I requested. Wow! I was impressed.

Since it was still early for my 11:30am appointment, I decided to go to DLSU and renew my DLSAA alumni card. It was only a few kilometers away.

It was kind of weird being there. It brought back happy memories...with my blockmates, going to Harrison Plaza during long breaks, eating at Aristo and having my favorite Chicken Yakitori *wide grin*

Going to the 2nd floor to the DLSAA Office, I had to visit the Chapel of The Most Blessed Sacrament. "Someone coming home immediately heads towards the place that is most familiar, the place where one finds comfort, warmth, serenity. For the Lasallian student or alumnus, the Chapel serves as this sanctum, a place where one feels truly home." It was a homecoming of sorts. It was a good one.

Well, enough of the reminiscing. Mission accomplished. My card renewed. Bought some stuff at the alumni office and some DLSU stickers at the bookstore *yipeee*

It will be a long while again before I come back. Maybe next year?


Claire said...

wow! i miss the main chapel.:-) i used to hangout there a lot, praying for a miracle so i could pass my accounting subjects. hahahaha!

Reeyah said...

hahaha! how I miss the everything La Salle. haha