19 April 2009

Random Pics Part1

Geena (hugging the green tubes): Sleeping?


One time, we were already going home after walking Chickie in BHS, a family was also walking beside us. One of the kids asked,"She's so cute. What's her name?" My sister answered, "Chickie!" The whole family started giggling. The dad then said, "Don't tell your tita about it, ha?" The girl then turned to Rose, "She has the same name as my tita." More giggling followed.

Good name for a pet shop?
My kuya's brother in law actually refuses to park on this side of _____ (where this shop is located), because the kids might see the name of the shop. hahahahahaha!

Hamming it up for the camera!

At the Ateneo fair. This, I can handle, but not the big ones.

"Let go, you big bully! That's ours!"

A picture of SM Marikina parking lot. Notice how well lighted it is?

This is from the Once in a Lifetime: John Scofield and Joe Lovano Jazz concert at the Rockwell tent (16 October 2008).

Posing with the Easter Bunny at A. Venue. Happy Easter!


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Kaje said...

LOL! I know where that petshop is located! sa ano, don sa ____!!