11 July 2009

How to Have Fun in Tagaytay (...or something like that)

1. Get a kick out of seeing a blonde kid ride a tricycle.

Not sure if that's Charlie or Max...

2. Ride the Tagaytay Ridge Cable Car ala "The Mist."

3. Take a picture of Ron riding the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline.

Yes, that's Ron. It's the only picture we got of him =). Sorry, Ron!

4. How do you act out "Quantum of Solace" in Charades?

5. Daydream while waiting to get on the cable car.

6. Are these sentences made by smart (and sober) people ?

A bad boy is great.

PARD Business process simplify everything.

Uma is pretty little baby.

The fox and the dog.

7. At Paradizoo, its a choice of riding a carabao pulled cart or walking on slippery, wet ground, knowing this would equal to our feet getting soaked in mud???

Boring, right?

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