21 August 2007

Monday Blues

Mondays! I hate Mondays! How come sh*tty things happen on Mondays?!?!?!? Sabi, if you don’t start your Mondays right…er, well, you know how it goes *big sigh*

A couple of things happened before I got to the office…

I really hate it when I have to move cars in the garage. Took me more than 15 minutes. (Texted my Kuya the night before if he could help me move cars the next day. He didn’t text back. When I tried waking him up, I knocked on their door, gave up after 5 minutes, and had no choice but to do it myself)…and I hate that——his not texting back, that I have to move cars myself…because it wastes my time, it’s stressful and it ruins my clothes. Ughhh!

Was already on my way when I noticed that the gas tank was almost empty…double Ughhhh!

Okay, okay. Finally. Geeeez! I was sooooo late! To think I still have to send out the OIC for the week, first thing in the morning. The whole morning, people kept asking me who the OIC will be and I kept telling them, in my ever sweet voice (pweh!), that I was still waiting for the prez to approve the memo. Haaaaaay! Impatient people! Hehe!

Still that morning, I found out my former boss passed away a few days ago…and that made me sad. Then I remembered last Friday while playing badminton, Liza asked me in passing if I knew him and I said yes. I had no idea. I was so busy last Friday that I wasn’t able to check all my emails. He was one of my first bosses. Good man. May he rest in peace.

Then in the afternoon, I found out that my friend’s mother is in the hospital. Nalungkot naman ako lalo…

Then before leaving the office, I received a text from my sister. She was apologizing for something she did Sunday night. No confrontation happened last night. I wanted to, but something inside me told me to just walk away (that’s just me – just-walk-away kind of person). So that’s what I did. I didn’t talk to her, she didn’t talk to me. Period. Then, yun nga, I got that text. I texted back saying that everything’s okay and that she doesn’t have to worry. That I love her kahit bitch siya. Hehe!

Thanks to my good friends who were willing yesterday to listen to my whining even when they were busy (actually, they had no choice)...who can sense me even if I’m in invisible mode. At least I was able to unload that heavy feeling inside me yesterday. Haha!

I just hope they don’t get tired of me and my grumblings *big sheepish grin*

Luv y'all!


cler said...

*cler hugz reeyah*
Aaaawww...So that's why you were bitchy the other day.

Bex said...

So.... what's the issue? Hehehehe. Just kidding. No wonder kaya pala nainis ka sa akin. Pero, okay lang yan. Ilabas mo ang emosyons mo! Ilabas mo! Pero, ganyan talaga ang mga Ate - mapag pasensiya sa mga bunso. Kasi, ikaw ang naunang inilabas. Thus, ikaw ang magpapa-sensiya. Hihihihi.

Reeyah said...

hi, cler! hello, bex!

@cler: Thanks, I needed that. Haha. No other comment *innocent grin*

@bex: Haha. Hindi ako nainis. Naasar lang. Haha. Ang masasabi ko lang ay: "At kayong mga bunso, mga bwiset kayo! Ba't nyo kame pinahihirapan? HMPHHHHHH!!!"

cler said...

ito ang isa kong comment: bunso ako. kaya pala bitch ka din sa akin. hahaha...mga ate tlaga. hilig mangbully!

donna_chocnut said...

hi rhea girl. sweet naman, about you and your sister. oh yes i can empathize with having to move cars and the horrible light of empty gas tanks lalo na kung late ka na. are you referring to mr. hyz? i'm really sorry. buti na lang 1x a week lang ang monday =) dont worry, marami kang kadamay sa monday blues. friday na bukas, yahoo!

Reeyah said...

Hmphhhh @cler

@donna_chocnut: (1) haha. she's my one and only sister kaya sino pa ang magmamahalan kungdi kami lang. hehehehe. (2) Ay naku, ang nakakainis pa pag kakagas ko lang tapos iba gagamit the next day, tapos pag ako ulit gagamit at walang gas na naman, hindi ba nakakainit ng ulo yon??!??!?!?
(3) Yup, si hyz nga :(
(4) I agree, buti na lang at once a week lang ang monday :)
(5) I love Thursdays more kasi Friday na the next day! Wahooo!