29 August 2007

Simple Joys

So you're wondering, if there are things that pisses Rhea off (please see past blogs), what makes her happy?


1. Seeing my nephews and niece everyday. Every night, my niece Regeena would be in our room keeping my mom company. When I get home, when she sees me, she would run to me and hug me tight, sabay, "Tita, may pasalubong ka?"...every night.

2. Seeing and being with my family everyday. Knowing that we're happy despite minor hitches.

3. Hearing one of my favorite songs played on the radio first thing in the morning...like the other day, Westside by TQ was played (makeout song? hahaha). It made my day.

4. Watching "Love Actually" and "Notting Hill" on my birthday. Feel good movies on my favorite day of the year. I don't think I will ever tire of watching these movies.

5. Watching my nephew Nikki, when he was still in Grade 1, make his first basket in the Ateneo Basketball League. We were all proud of him when he made that.

6. Just being with friends...for lunch, coffee, dinner, badminton, drinks, smoke...

7. Driving.

8. Having my younger cousins, sister and my same age friends together in one night out. It was the first time they met and they hit it off. Lahat maingay, happy, drunk! Walang age gap.

9. When I smile and people smile back.

10. A good book. A good movie. A good eat.


JB said...

did you say smoke? you mean you smoke? i never knew that!

Reeyah said...

I smoke but only when I go out with friends. I'm not addicted to it or anything. Just a social smoker.