06 August 2007

Weekend #30

Saturday, 28 July. Dual Meet with BDO-EquitablePCI Group. PowerSmash Makati. Email said, “Be there at 8:45am.” Dang it. Sobrang aga naman. Sarap pa naman matulog. (Just had volleyball tourney on Thursday, Basketball game last night, and today Badminton naman). Hmmmm…Just grabbed something to eat at McDo and picked up good friends Haze and Bex at 8:15am from the office. Our contribution (or non-contribution) was 0-3, 3-0 and 2-1. Okay lang, that was not the highlight of the day anyway. Hehehe.

Amici. You guessed right, this was the highlight of the day. LUF, SMN and Georgia (second time to join the gang) joined our little food trip to the most appropriately named place to get to know new friends. As you should know by now, “Amici” is Italian for “friends.” Each one of us (including Bex, Haze, K, Meyri, and myself) ordered different pasta dishes (I got the Linguine al Nero di Sepia – black noodles with seafood sauce) and 2 yummy pizzas (Al Quattro Formaggi and another one I could not remember at the moment – memory gap ata). Georgia was the lucky recipient of my shrimps and mussels which she ate wholeheartedly (istorbo kasi sa pagkain ko e hahaha). For dessert: LUF and K both got Brazo de Mercedes, Georgia ordered Mango Tango, and Haze got herself a Tiramisu. Of course Meyri, had Gelato (Nocciola, right?). Although we had to rush back to PowerSmash because we were afraid we might get caught in the rain, we all had that funny busog na busog smile on our faces. Deserves another visit.

Sunday, 29 July. Tess said she’ll pick me up at 10:30am. So that would mean I have to hear mass really early, as in 8:30am, because I doubt it if we will be back home before dark. Actually, we were going to Alabang for the surprise birthday party organized by our friend Maila for her husband, Butch. Remember Butch and my pakaw? Thank goodness, there was no traffic even though we got lost after exiting Alabang. Nenette had to get us at Honda Alabang so we could follow her to get to Maila’s house. We got there just in time for Butch’s arrival. The long trip and the getting lost part were all worth it when we saw how surprised and pleased Butch was. He wasn’t expecting his relatives, including Maila’s closest friends from work, to be there. His smile was priceless! Good one, Maila! While everyone was enjoying the party, we stayed at the couple’s bedroom and watched some DVDs. Did I mention that their house was newly renovated? We were on the bed, the three of us (me, Nenette and Tess) and in comes Butch with his relatives (his titas).

(We were frozen stiff on the bed, too shocked to move)
Butch’s Tita # 1: Butch, mga pinsan ba ni Maila ang mga ito?
Butch: Ay, opo. Mga pinsan po ni Maila yan.
Nenette: Huwag niyo po kaming pansinin, mga stuffed toys po kami.
Butch’s Tita #2: Ang gaganda naman niyang mga stuffed toys nyo, Butch.
Us 3: Nyahahahaha.

By 3:00pm, we were the only guests left, all their relatives have gone and good thing Ruby and Jay arrived to complete the barkada. Shempre, we had to go down and eat again with the new comers. We left Alabang around 6:00pm. On our way back to Manila, Tess and I agreed that we should do that more often, spend a relaxing day with close friends, have good conversation, good laugh, no pretensions, no anything. To be with people you can talk to about anything under the sun without being judged…that’s friendship.


Shuttlewhoosh said...

ang daya wala ako sa amici..... again again!

Reeyah said...

of course, of course!!
we're going back. kaya pinost ko na yung menu nila para we'll know what to order when we go back!!!

Shuttlewhoosh said...

yehey we will go back! pwamis ha!

Reeyah said...

PWAMIS, mama carms!