13 May 2007

15 Years...

that's how long he's been with us. Sorry, I'm referring to the 1989 Toyota Corolla that I have been using for the longest time, is gone... My brother just sold him the other day. Di man lang ako nakapag-goodbye...
My dad bought that car for my brother in 1992 replacing the Toyota Celica he was using. I remember my dad asking me to search the classified ads. I also had to call each one of them to ask how much, if the quoted price was negotiable, the mileage, why they're selling it, what color, etc. I think this one's with the lowest mileage because it's only used by the owner's son to and from school (UP). We were told that the car can be viewed at one of the motels in Pasig (duhhhhh!!!). So off we went to see the car. It turned out that the seller is the owner of the flower group of motels and one of those famous shoe & bag repair shops. I remember I was so embarassed because that was the first time I've set foot in a motel. Good thing the car was not parked inside one of those garages (sayang hahahahaha). I went with our trusted mechanic and my uncle. I remember seeing cars entering the motel and passing us. It was I think middle of the afternoon (I guess they can't help themselves *naughty grin*). Anyway, once we got the okay from our mechanic, I talked to my dad on the phone, then we paid for the car right there and then.
I know my brother loves that car. We even went together to Banawe to have the car tinted, and had new equalizer and additional speakers installed. It was loud, man! I thought it was the coolest car.
I have a lot of fond memories with that car, the gimmicks, the out of town trips with family and friends, and the "adventures" *wink wink* But I guess it's about time that we let him go. After all, it's been 15 years.

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