26 May 2007


1. My group was called WHIF (Wow Hanep It’s Friday). Other groups were called IFIF (It’s Friday, It’s Friday), ASIF (Ay Salamat, It’s Friday), TIIM (T*** I**, It’s Monday).

2. Megamall and Galleria did not exist yet, only Greenhills. Tia Maria was the nearest bar.

3. I was supposed to join the volleyball team but I was asked to join the softball team instead. I played right fielder. My jersey number was 4.

4. I failed one subject in all of HS (for one quarter only): Practical Arts (sabi kasi “practical” kaya hindi ako nag-aaral).

5. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Limson (I think she’s still teaching in CSB – or retired na?)

6. I cheated once and got caught. Subject: Religion. (I was baaaaad!)

7. Hindi ako nakikisabay sa uso. When everybody was wearing St. Michael’s socks (from M&S), I preferred to just wear my old socks.

8. I took entrance exams to 3 schools only. UST (Medical Technology), UP (Business Administration), DLSU (Psychology).

9. Our favorite graduation mass song was “Anima Christi”.

10. My bestest friends were Pam, BJ and Patty.


Anonymous said...

What I remember in my HS days was we fought over a ballpen and we didn't speak to each other for a long time.... as in. Di ba? Was it years that we didn't speak to each other? :D - XeB

RheaV said...

Hindi naman. Siguro months lang. hahahaha. joke.