30 May 2007

Fast 89 Lia 25

1. I HATE MATH. While choosing a course in college, I tried to avoid all courses with heavy math subjects. Therefore, business courses were out, engineering courses were out too. I didn’t like science subjects, so the sciences were out too. Uhmmm, that leaves AB courses...Great. Which one is the most interesting? Political Science, Philosophy, History, Literature, Com Arts. Found them all boring. How about Psychology? Why not, it’s like crazy people to study why crazy people are crazy.

2. So, my first choice was AB Psychology but my grades weren’t good enough to enter the program. I had to shift to AB Behavioral Science. I cried real hard when I got home after finding out.

3. I failed two subjects in college, INVESMA (Investment Math) and ELESTA1 (Elementary Statistics 1). I was able to get a 2.5 grade for both when I took them again (if you get 2.5 or higher, the failing marks will not appear in your transcript). Btw, my mom is an accountant.

4. I had to extend a term because of that ELESTA1. Grrrrr!!!.

5. In our PARAPSY (Paranormal Psychology) class, we had past life exercises (not sure how you call it). We’d be hypnotized by our professor and we were instructed that kung ano yung makita mo, yun ka nung past life mo. As for me, I saw a woman giving birth but died. Yun kaya dahilan kung bakit takot ako mabuntis at manganak?

6. I never dropped a subject.

7. I was just an average student.

8. When my brother found out that one of my block mates is a good friend of his girlfriend (now his wife), he didn’t like the idea anymore of me going to the same university, because he said, he won’t be able to date other girls in school.

9. My mom found a pack of cigarettes inside my bag. She scolded me nonstop after that.

10. For one term, I hitched with my brother going home, I would wait at Agno house parking lot where I made good friends with the parking attendants.

11. We were once sent to the Discipline Office because of “boisterous laughing.” Am not sure if it was Mang Jack or some other DO who caught us.

12. There were only 5 or 6 guys in our block. We’re 40+. (BORING TALAGA!!! KAYA NGA NAG COED E. HMPHHH!!!).

13. Two of my block mates were T. So and S. See. So during attendance taking, the professor would go, “See,” “So” (as in see-saw) *grin*

14. Out of curiosity, we went to the library to look for Randy Santiago’s yearbook to see what he looks like without the shades. Problem was, the page was torn off (probably Randy did it himself).

15. After going out for drinks, we’d usually go to Dean’s Street CafĂ© for coffee (along Pasay Road). Funny thing was, kung sino yung mga taong nakakakasabay namin sa mga bars, they’re the same people na nasa Dean’s Street. There were no Starbucks or Figaro back then.

16. There was a pasta pizza place we frequented along Taft. It was called Mama Penny’s *naughty grin*

17. In our yearbook “Green & White ’92”, me and my close friends in our block (around 12) all have “LS2” somewhere in our write-ups.

18. I had a crush on Ali Atienza (yeah, he’s the one who ran for mayor of Manila but lost). He was a member of the Taekwando Team (mas cute at payat pa siya non hehehe).

19. When the 16th South East Asian Games were held in Manila in 1991, the swimming competition was held at the nearby Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. We cheered for swimmer Leo Najera.

20. My bestest friends were Jik, Jen, and Ennif.

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