19 May 2007

I so love

...Nestle vendo’s Cappuccino (Without Sugar), I think I’m addicted to it. Even though I have to go 4 floors down to buy one, I really don’t mind.

A few weeks ago, to my disappointment, the machine went out of order. To satisfy my craving, I checked the locations of the other vending machines with cappuccino on the intranet and found one other machine. It’s on the 6th floor, west core pantry area. Like an addict, I walked from east core (where my workstation is) to the west core and down one floor, only to find out that it was also not working. Feeling dejected, I went back to my floor and got myself a Nescafe Black (no sugar). Everyday, I would go down to check whether it’s already working.

After a few days, I was so happy to discover that it was up and running. Wahoo! I excitedly dropped my two 5 peso coins and two 1 peso coins and raised my finger ready to press the big red button. Found the Cappuccino with Sugar at the very top and that means the Cappuccino Without Sugar is not far behind (actually, it should be at the bottom). You can just imagine my excitement building up. As I was about to press the big red button below it, I FROZE. It just said “Cappuccino”. I suddenly got a bit confused. All I remember saying was “Oh sh*t.” Anyway, it’s still Cappuccino. Right. So I pressed the big red button, but not as excited like a few seconds ago. Fortunately, it didn’t have sugar.

I really think I looked stupid but I was actually expecting to see “Cappuccino without sugar” just like what it used to be before it went out of order. It’s like my brain’s conditioned to see “Cappuccino without sugar.” “CAPPUCCINO” on top and “WITHOUT SUGAR” right below it. I later on admitted to myself it was a no-brainer. “Cappuccino With Sugar“ is cappuccino with sugar and “Cappuccino” is just cappuccino (obviously no sugar) *sigh*

Every time I think about it, I don’t know if I should laugh at myself or hit myself with a stapler or blame Philippine Vending Corporation!!! PEACE!!!


XeB said...

So, this is the entry, huh? :-) I will try to visit this blog as often as I see you in the office!

RheaV said...

Hahahaha! Okay. I just hope you don't get tired of my blog. Thanks heaps!

Claire said...

There's a vendo up here, west core...just so you know. hehehe

RheaV said...

You're right. Never got to check the one at the 8th floor west core. Don't worry, the next time I crave for cappuccino and the one at the 3rd floor east core's not working, I'll take your advice and even pass by your workstation *grin* Incidentally, the vendo at the 3rd floor's not working again but that was yesterday. Been busy, I haven't checked. Thanks, Cler!