28 May 2007

Weekend #21

Last week, my sister asked me if I wanted to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” I readily said yes but added that we have to make sure that somebody will be with mama if both of us will be going out. We then thought that that would not be a problem since all the Ate (2 house helps plus 2 yaya) will be there. Around afternoon of Saturday, I was already bugging my sister that if we wanted to watch now, we should watch now, or else… To make the long story short, we weren’t able to watch Saturday *me disappointed*

Geena is Star Struck Again
Around 10:00pm that night, heard my sister and her friends downstairs having drinks, playing billiards, just catching up with each other. My sister texted me saying that our niece, Geena, who is turning 4 on 30 October, went down from their room to say “Hi” to her friends. Actually, the reason why she went down was to have her picture taken with one of my sister’s friends, Say Alonzo. After a while she went back to their room because it was getting really late. But guess what, after a few minutes, she came back with her mom’s camera hanging on her arms. So another picture taking session took place.

Did you know that she also has a picture taken with Shaina Magdayao and Bea Alonzo in Shangri-la Plaza Mall (she approached their table and posed infront of them)? And also another with her then ultimate crush Sam Milby (in Metro Walk)? Showbiz na showbiz hahahahaha!

After hearing mass in the morning, I told my sister that we should watch "Pirates" today since I won’t have time to watch during the week. So we decided to catch the 3:20pm screening at Shangri-la. When we arrived, no more seats were available so we just settled for the 4:20pm screening.

While going around the mall, we saw a new store, TMV or Touch Music and Video. There were some people outside checking out the place. At first we thought it was a downloading station because there were I think around 20 touch screen monitors but they explained to us that it’s actually a record bar without the CDs. You still receive the CD but you get to listen to all the songs first before you make any purchase. So for kicks, I tried it out.

On the screen, 4 different CD covers (with the price) flashes every few seconds, if you see what you like, just touch the screen and all the songs will appear below it (and you get to listen to all songs). You can also view the CD covers by genre (R&B, Jazz, Pop, etc). Or if you already have something in mind, just choose “Search” and a keyboard-like screen will appear. You can search by Artist, Album or Song. I searched for Fergie (for Fergie – The Dutchess CD), three listings appeared, all from compilations, “Fergalicious” and 2 entries for “London Bridge.” Unfortunately, they didn't have the CD (-1 point). Next, I searched for Nelly Furtado’s Loose. Great, they have it (+1 point). I then clicked on “Add to Cart” and then some last step button appeared to confirm the purchase. It then said, “You are customer no. 25, please approach the counter to pay and claim CD.” The chinito looking guy (cutie ha +1 point) at the counter smiled (+1 point again) as I approached the cashier. As I was paying, he asked me what I thought about the store. I told him that it looks like the store’s stock is not complete yet because I was earlier looking for Fergie’s The Dutchess CD and they didn't have it. He mentioned that they opened last Monday and they are still completing/inputting more from their inventory. So that explains it. Buti na lang cute siya *grin* After the cashier handed to me my CD, he said, “Please come back ha.” I just said, “Sure.” *wink*
The store’s on Level 5, just beside Trattoria Gourmet. Check out the cute guy, err, I mean, the store.

Of Pirates and Weddings

Finally, we were able to watch the movie. Like its predecessors, I also enjoyed the third and last installment. It started out eerie but full of action all the way to the end. The story has a lot of sub-plots, full of betrayals (just to show that pirates will always be pirates) and at times I got a bit scared, amused, even confused (all at the same time). I love all the funny one-liners from the minor characters. As always, Johnny Depp is hilarious as Captain Jack Sparrow. My favorite part is the wedding. It's a must see!

Tip: Stay until the end of the final credits!!!

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