11 June 2007


• I hate filing.
• I hate know-it-alls.
• I hate commuting.
• I hate it when I commute and it rains.
• I hate mosquitoes, especially now that we have kids at home.
• I don’t like putting on make up.
• I don’t like manicures or pedicures.
• I don’t have a pair of jeans. Last pair was a pair I bought in Hong Kong many years ago.
• I do not know 2 or 3 friends in my Friendster account.
• I don’t like snakes.
• I don’t like dressing up.
• I don’t like chocolate bars with nuts (except for macadamia).
• I cannot drink liquor on an empty stomach or else I will throw up (happened a couple of times). Last time was 2 years ago with high school friends. (Or was it because I was on medication?) I am more careful now.
• I have not bought or spent money on clothes or shoes in the last 6 months. Mostly spent on CDs, groceries, medicines, etc.
• I’m not a shoe person.
• I am not photogenic!
• I cry each time I read my sister’s blog (especially about family)
• I like to daydream during long car rides (syempre when I'm not driving!).
• I like to solve easy crossword puzzles because it makes me feel very smart every time I complete one.
• I like watching movies at Rockwell Plant.
• I like Cheez Rings.
• I like anything grilled.
• I love Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ.
• I love Nestle vendo’s Cappuccino without sugar.
• I love Italian, French, Mexican and Japanese food.
• I love Nestle Crunch.
• I love Pugad Baboy.
• I love watching Star Chinese Movies (no, I don't know fookien or cantonese, I just put the TV on mute and read the subtitle).
• Favorite color is Yellow (on my wedding day, I want yellow as motif - bright yellow roses, carnations - i like happy colors - including orange)
• Favorite number is 4.
• I love sex…as a topic of conversation.
• I miss Angelino’s and DC Diner (Megamall) and McDonald’s Vanilla Shake
• I want a Nokia N73 Music Edition
• CDs I want:
-Sergio Mendez’s Timeless
-Third Eye Blind’s A Collection (The Best of)
-Lifehouse’s self titled album
-Fergie’s The Dutchess
-Savage Garden’s Greatest Hits
-Bread/David Gates
• I have never been to a gay bar but I have gone to a lesbian bar (twice) – the one in Libis. Btw, I’m straight (may angal?).
• I have 5 email accounts.
• I wish I could dance well, draw well, dive, fly a plane, play the guitar, play the drums (my mom made us take piano lessons when we were younger)
• Used to plan to take up my Masters in Industrial Psychology in DLSU (with college friends) but never got around to at least inquiring about the course (yeah, puro plano lang).
• I used to root for Toyota when I was younger (pareho kami ng Dad ko, my kuya rooted for Crispa).
• Used to go to a bar near my office as early as 5:30pm for drinks (with Mary, Hazel, Eileen, and Ruby). When Mary moved to the States, wala nang nagyayaya.
• I used to bite my nails.
• I sleep (everyday) after midnight.
• I’m a homebody.
• I love going to the beach, not to swim but to sleep or just laze around (I’d look for a cool spot, read a book or listen to my ZVM) plus people watch.
• First time I went to Bora, I was with good friends Karen and Marimil. We spent Friday until Sunday in Kalibo for the Ati-Atihan Festival (we stayed at Marimil’s friend’s house in New Washington), then Monday and Tuesday in Bora (without any reservation – bad idea hahaha).
• During weekends, I always feel I have to get out at least once, to shop or to just window shop.
• I miss my CDs (they either got lost or merong humiram hindi na sinoli):
-Depeche Mode’s Speak & Spell
-Madonna’s Erotica
-Toni Braxton’s self titled album
-Swing Out Sister’s Best of
-Ogie Alcasid’s Ogie 10th All The Best
-Lighthouse Family’s Postcards from Heaven and Ocean Drive
-Tears for Fears’ Tears Roll Down: Greatest Hits 82-92
-Pure Jazz
• When I’m in a mall, I always go record bar hopping.
• I saw the concerts of Duran Duran (Araneta), Bananarama (Araneta) James Taylor (Folk Arts), Fra Lippo Lippi (FAT), Michael Jackson (reclaimed area in Manila), Milli Vanilli (FAT), Alanis Morisette (Araneta)
• Missed concerts of Jason Mraz, Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Sting, Workshy
• If John Legend comes to Manila, I will watch kahit mag-isa lang ako.
• I find Justin Timberlake sexy.
• My driver’s license got confiscated thrice. For violating the odd-even scheme along EDSA a day after Christmas on my way to work, second was an illegal right turn from Roxas Blvd. to Buendia (on a Sunday), and third was violating the yellow lane/bus lane near the Magallanes interchange (I was on my way to Powersmash to play badminton after office).
• I have gotten away from getting my license confiscated twice, for swerving from Guadix to the Ortigas flyover and when I got caught in the bus lane along EDSA to turn right at Guadix. Nagmakaawa ako. hahahahaha
• I am a more careful driver now, especially if I have my nephews and niece as passengers
• I only learned how to drive after college.
• I think I was a carpenter in my past life. I like DIY activities. I like fixing things at home. I recently bought a power screw driver. I just finished fixing my cabinet and my sister’s cabinet (I installed new locks/stoppers).
• My nephews always ask me to assemble their toys (robots, cars), instead of asking their dad (my brother).
• I go for the underdog.
• I get pissed off easily if I don’t get a parking slot when I go to a mall. I hate waiting. I hate being late.
• One of the best out of town trips was when we went to Palawan (w/ Ruby, Hazel, Mary and her department)
• My third year HS classroom adviser also works in the same company I work for (but I heard she’s moving to another company soon).
• At least 2 Local Staff’s kids were my batchmates in HS. (They’re retired na ata).
• I’m sobrang sentimental. I still have all the letters I received from friends since grade school. I have a lot of abubots in my cabinet. I don't like throwing away things.
• I collect. Stationeries since grade school. Smiley stickers. ESPRIT tags. CDs. Souvenirs from trips.
• When I was growing up, I knew we were not rich, just “comfortable.”
• When they say I’m a rich kid, I would answer back, “Hindi ako mayaman, nanay at tatay ko ang mayaman.”
• I like playing computer games. Favorites are Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Sims (on PS1, PS2 and Gameboy).
• I have very low self-esteem.

Not much of a confession, huh? You just hafta love me or hate me!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE PUGAD BABOY, TOO!!! Kahit yung ibang strip eh hindi nakakatawa. I love Brosia and Polgas. -XeB

RheaV said...

Actually, Rose, my sister ang bumibili. I think she has the very first issue (wala pa siyang 100 pesos noon). Nakakatawa nga kasi when I was starting pa lang noon sa ADB, pag magkikita kame ni Rose sa megamall, we would always meet sa Pugad Baboy. That means, magkikita kami sa National Bookstore, sa row ng Pugad Baboy. One time, yung isa kong officemate na katabi ko, narinig pala. She asked me kung saan yung Pugad Baboy (takang taka siya), I had to tell her na sa National Bookstore po iyon sa may comics section. hahahahahahaha!!!

xEb said...

Hehehe, kaya pala you mentioned about NBS last night. Now ko lang gets. My pamangkins are into PB, also. But of course, they only borrow my copies. It gives me so much joy when they laugh while reading it. We should seek PMJr for his autograph....