26 June 2007


I have always been fascinated by Magic Eye images (it became popular in the 90s). Magic Eye "...is a three dimensional image hidden within a two dimensional pattern." I remember Mag:net magazine shop in Megamall used to have a poster of a Magic Eye image on their window and people would stop and look at the poster. Sometimes not only 1 or 2 would stare but a whole group would gather in front of the shop. They were fun to look at because you'd know if they were not able to see it, they'd just scratch their heads. If successful, a shriek would be heard and would point the image to their companions (with a big smile on their faces). Meanwhile, their "un-seeing" friends would just get more frustrated and would just end up leaving with a sneer.

Why don't you try this:
Instructions (but you have to print out the picture):
1. Hold the center of the image right up to your nose. It should be blurry.
2. Focus as though you are looking through the image into the distance.
3. Very slowly move the image away from your face. Allow the image to remain blurry.
The hidden 3D image will gradually come into view.
4. Continue aiming your eyes beyond the image. Do not look directly at the image.
5. Once you recognize the 3D shape, if you continue to look into the background rather than directly at the shape, the 3D effect will increase. Cool huh?

If you're able to see it, be proud because not everyone can see the images. There are sites if you need help in seeing the images.

If you want to see more amazing Magic Eye images, just google "Magic Eye."

*Magic Eye pic from www.soon.org.uk

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