21 June 2007

I don't...

...feel well *dry cough* *dry cough*
I think I should have changed shirts when I watched the ladies' basketball last friday. Because I remember after sweating it out at the gym, I went down to watch the game. That was a good 20+ minutes I had that wet shirt on. Yeah, I think that was it.
Then my throat started to itch come Saturday *sigh* and have been coughing ever since. Sheesh! I even went to the gym and played basketball on Monday, and played badminton on Tuesday. Oh, but I rested yesterday but still went home late... *sigh*
You know, I was thinking, if I didn't get that anti-flu shot a couple of months ago, I'd probably be at home, in bed, feeling weak and helpless, and coughing *dry cough* *dry cough*

Lessons learned:

  • Change shirts or wear a sports jacket to keep you warm if you have to wait.
  • Have your Anti-Flu shots every year (should be done before the June-July influenza season).
  • See your doctor
  • Rest


donna_chocnut said...

kakatawa ka rhea, meron pang dry cough dry cough. naiimagine ko! get well soon. wow nagpapa flu shots ka pala? i've never done that in my whole life. ewan ko bakit hindi.

RheaV said...

Hi, chocnut!
Hehe salamat *dry cough* *dry cough* kaya pahinga muna ako sa aking mga activities. Hmmm. di ko lang alam kung meron ulit free flu shots sa clinic before the December-January influenza season. Once a year lang naman e. Tsaka walang mawawala. wheeeee!!!
*dry cough* *dry cough*

Shuttlewhoosh said...

get well soon reeyah, does that mean no badminton for us tomorrow?

RheaV said...

hehehehe! I went to the doctor na. I can play tomorrow. I will just pahinga on saturday. hehehe. we play! we play!
PS. hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik! hindi ako adik!

Shuttlewhoosh said...

okay let's shout! este play tom!