15 June 2007

Things You Can Do On A Holiday

  1. Invite friends to play badminton from 10am-12nn.

  2. Have a feast while waiting for your turn to play (on bread, fruit chips, etc.)

  3. Invite same group of friends to eat at a NEW place = Persiana on Pioneer Street.

  4. Repeat sentences twice. Repeat sentences twice.

  5. Tour showrooms of Regalong Pambahay/Egg and Komodo on Pioneer Street and salivate.

  6. If a friend suggests to go to Tagaytay, say “Let’s go.”

  7. Bring digicam.

  8. Make sure car aircon can stand the heat outside.

  9. If a friend tries to sleep, wake her up.

  10. Refuse if a friend gets thirsty and wants to stop over at Shell.

  11. If friend insists, stop at Shell and let her go down and buy drink herself.

  12. While friend buys drink, use digicam. If you find out that the digicam’s battery is loooow, set aside the useless gadget.

  13. Miss turn on Greenfields Exit 41, in other words GET LOST ON YOUR WAY TO TAGAYTAY.

  14. Ask a truck driver for directions if you're not sure where to go.

  15. Pass by Ming’s Garden but make sure it’s open.

  16. Have coffee at Starbucks and choose your dessert carefully.

  17. Make sure your phone's manual is in English.

  18. Enjoy the view of Taal.

  19. Chill --- literally!!! Brrrrrrr!!! Avoid wearing shorts. Or better yet, bring a human blanket.

  20. Leave Tagaytay around 7:30pm

  21. Buy pasalubong at Rowena’s

  22. If 2 friends sings 2 different songs, sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" at the top of your lungs.

  23. Make sure your car's radio is working to avoid 2 friends from singing 2 different songs so you're not forced to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

  24. Arrive in Manila around 9:00pm

  25. Text friends if they arrived home safely.

  26. Sleep until 8:00am.

  27. Panic because you overslept and because its not a weekend.

More pics here.


cler said...

Bwahahahaha...Ang dami nga tlagang aberya ng road trip natin. Low batt camera (kahit isang picture walang nakuha), good-for-front-seats-only aircon, missing exits, under dressed for tagaytay, bland dessert, and C5 traffic. Gaaazzz...Sinong may balat sa pwet?

RheaV said...

Sino nga kaya ang may balat sa pwet??? hahahahahaha. To be fair (another phrase for "in fairness"), nakakuha naman ng 3 pix yung digicam. hehehehe!!! San kaya next road trip naten??? Wheeeeeee!!!!!

XeB said...

Ako may balat pero hindi sa pwet ha. Hindi ko na maibabalik ang nakaraan at ang pagkaka-lost natin ay talagang nakatatak na senyo. HMP. Naghihintay na lang ako ng chance na mawala ka rin! HMP. Btw, did you have air-con fixed na ba? :-)

RheaV said...

no. not yet. lend me money and i'll have it fixed. hehehehe!

donna_chocnut said...

kewl, rhea girl. natawa ako sa last 2 items - i can relate =) uy tengkyu ulit sa pag-invite sa badmintong, ang saya. buti nagustuhan niyo yung tinapay at palaman na cheese. ninakaw ko kay bebert yung mga yun.

RheaV said...

Hi, chocnut. Salamat kay papa bebert sa ninakaw mong tinapay at palaman na cheese. Nabusog kame!
Hayaan mo, will organize another badmintong and out of town trip for all of us, para mas marami at para mas masaya!!! Drop by again ha!