13 June 2007

Tagged by Dat Gerl

The rules are:
1. You have to write about six weird things/habits about yourself.
2. Then, you would need to choose and list down six people to be tagged.

My 6 weird things:
1. I set up my alarm at 6:11am every morning, and everytime it goes off, I would hit the snooze button and hit it everytime it goes off after every 5 minutes until it doesn’t go off anymore. And that means I’ll be late. Actually, I don't know what the alarm's for...

2. Everyday before I take a bath, I would leave my slippers under the stool inside the bathroom (don't ask why there's a stool). I always remove the right pair first before the left pair. If I remove the left pair first, I have to wear them both again and do it right. Weird?

3. When I'm feeling bad or depressed, I have to buy something expensive to cheer me up.

4. I get sick (literally) if I don't go shopping in a week. Am happy if I just buy something cheap. Happens when I'm saving money.

5. I eat corned beef with vinegar.

6. I eat luncheon meat with vinegar and fish sauce.

I tag Bambi, Pearl, Oscar, Janet, Nikki and Dax.


cler said...

ah eh weird nga! hahahaha

RheaV said...

ah eh sabi mo weird e. E di puro weird nga. hehehehehe. Actually meron pa isa.