18 July 2007

Things to Remember When Going to the Movies with Kids

1. Make them go to the bathroom first before the movie starts

I once baby sat my cousin (she was around 7). My college best friends unexpectedly dropped by my house to pick me up to watch a movie. She was my responsibility that day so I had no choice but to bring my cousin. In the middle of the movie (a Pierce Brosnan movie I think), my cousin goes, “Ate, nawiwiwi ako.” I said (pissed off), “Pigilin mo muna.” Then she said, “Hindi pwede, masama daw sabi ni Mommy.” Her mother is a nurse. So I had no choice but to take her to the bathroom. I think we took about 10+ minutes because she wanted to be washed (sa basin) and wiped dry (I had to buy tissue). Ughhhhh!!!!

2. If you shed a tear during a very emotional scene, do not show to the little kid.

My movie buddy, my sister Rose, and I brought our nephew Nikki to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). Remember the scene where Cedric Diggory died? We were what you call “emote na emote,” when Nikki blurted out (pointing his finger at me), “Ay si Tita, umiiyak hahahahaha.” I felt so embarrassed because he didn’t say it whispering. Of course I said (defensively), “Hindi ah.” Hmmpppphhh

3. Buy lots of food (popcorn, chips, etc.). That should keep the little imp preoccupied.

4. Be patient. You know how kids can be so restless and makulit sometimes, well, always.

Nikki: Tita, diba si Voldemort nasa Goblet of Fire din?
Me: Yup. Shhhhh
(after 3 minutes)
Nikki: Tita, ba’t wala syang ilong?
Me: Mask lang yon para nakakatakot siya. Shhhh
(after 3 minutes)
Nikki: Si Sirius yung black dog?
Me: Yup, animagous sya…Shhhh
(after 3 minutes)
Nikki: Patay na siya (Sirius)?
Me: ARGHHHHHH (Lord, give me more patience, please!!!!)

5. Look serious when watching the movie.

(I had earlier accompanied Nikki to the bathroom…)
Nikki: Tita Rhea, nawiwiwi ulit ako.
Me: Si Tita Rose naman. Sinamahan na kita kanina e.
Nikki: Ikaw na lang. Nanunuod siya e.
DUH!!!! As if naman hindi ako nanunuod. Hahahahaha



Arianna said...

avah! tita rhea, ikaw din may blog na...welcome to the blogging phenomenon!

Reeyah said...

Hello, Arianna. Nice of you to drop by. How's your daddy's new cam? parang lagi niyang dala kahit magla-lunch lang sa mega. hehehehe. sana'y lumaki kang mabait, matalino, maganda, sexy. Ay anu ba yon! blog hop ka ulit dito ha!