06 July 2007

My Thursday

Ever since my Kuya sold our Moss Green Corolla (that’s the official color in the registration) it has been a problem for me. Before, I can just use whichever car is available during off the road days (the Corolla ends with 5-Wednesdays and the Space Wagon with 7-Thursdays). Now, since the SW is the only one left, during Wednesday nights, I have to decide whether I should bring a car (therefore leave early to beat the 7:00am number coding scheme) or just commute or have somebody drive me to the office (but the driver needs to be informed the night before). If I decide to bring a car, that means I have to wake up at 5:30am, take a bath, prepare my things and leave before 6:40am (or else I will not make it).

Last Wednesday night, I decided to bring a car. So I programmed my phone’s alarm to go off at 5:30am. Before sleeping, I checked first what’s on TV and I saw the live Wimbledon quarterfinals match between Justine Henin and Serena Williams. I just had to watch. All throughout the game, Justine was struggling with her first serves but because of her solid ground strokes and excellent backhand down the line passing shots against Serena, she was able to compensate her bad service game (she had 7 double faults, while Serena had none). Justine won in 3 sets: 6-4, 3-6, 6-3. Wahoooo! When I looked at the time on my phone, it was already past 1:00am. Uh-oh. Got to sleep now or else…

What a beautiful morning --- not!!! It was already 6:30am!!!!!!!!!! I had no choice but to commute and to hurry. Commute means 1 tricycle ride (P12), 1 MRT ride (from Boni to Ortigas) (P10) and a few minutes walk to my workstation. But my story does not end there.

When I got to the office, I found out that I had the car key with me. Grrrr!! So I texted my Kuya to let him know the key is with me and that I’m sorry. (My sister-in-law’s other car is parked inside the garage, with the SW blocking it). He texted back and said it was okay. He probably has the spare key and my sister-in-law will be using her other car. Sigh…what a morning. Did I mention that it rained hard last night??? (You know how much I hate it when I’m commuting going home and it rains...hmmpphhh) So I had to stay in the office and wait for the rain to die down a bit. Around 6:30pm, Bex and Meyri called to invite me to have dinner. Of course I said, “Yes.” Hehehe. At least I won’t be alone.

Because Meyri has a foot injury, she requested to have dinner in Galleria (and also because it’s near her place); Piadina was the hands-down choice. We ordered one margherita pizza, one funghi piadina (mushroom) and one pasta dish that I forgot the name. Myummy!!! Made me miss Piadina in Megamall. Aside from the carbo-loading dinner, we had fun taking candid pictures, sharing funny stories, the day’s boo-boos and office tsismis that night. (Oh, classic Meyri struck again last night, but that will be in another entry.) I could say that it made up for my not so good Thursday morning.

So that was how my day went.


Bicky said...

Yeah... last night was quite hilarious! And the meals were just right.

meyri said...

i didn't know you were into tennis! backhand passing shots, excellent groundstrokes....wow....i'm impressed!

Reeyah said...

hahahaha. laman ako ng tennis courts nung '97-'98 (before ADB). has sentimental value to me and I just love the sport (kaya lang it did not love me back) hahahahaha.