04 July 2007

Back to the Gym

I’m not sure if my friends noticed but it’s been 2 weeks that I have not been going to the gym (due to this nasty sore throat I had. I feel better now, thank you). It’s only yesterday that I went back and did some exercising. Well, not actually some, but 40 minutes of cardio and another 40 or so minutes of weight training (of course there were rests in between and okay, okay, some waiting, there were a lot of gym-ers last night).

Earlier, I wasn’t sure if I should do cardio and weights or just cardio, but I thought since I’ve been away for some time, I should maximize my visit. I was thinking, I've been doing it before so there should be no problem. Wrong move! I forgot that it’s different if you’ve been going regularly to the gym, your body is already used to the beating. But if you stopped for some time and come back to your regular exercises, you have to remember that there is such a phrase as “hinay-hinay lang muna.” (But I did not remember that until this morning)

So, I did all the cardio and weight training in my program and even went down to the courts to play badminton with friends. Although I played only 2 intensity-filled but very fun games, I was happy with it.

Come next day…maaaannnnn, ang sakit ng katawan ko waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

1. If you’re coming back from a long hiatus, hinay-hinay lang muna. Wait for your body to get used to your usual exercises, and then gradually increase the intensity.
2. Go early to the gym. Come around 5:15pm and you can still choose which machines you want to use.
3. Of course, bring a towel. To wipe away your sweat from your body and the machines.

Whoever coined “no pain, no gain” is crazy!


Shuttlewhoosh said...

reeyah nag gym ka pala last tue? did u?

Reeyah said...

yuf. kaya naka jogging pants ako nung tuesday when I played. Di ba lagi ko sinasabi that time na ang init kasi di ako sanay magplay ng badminton na naka jogging pants. hehehe

meyri said...

kaw naman kasi kala mo supergirl ka...paano na lang kaya pag ako gym after six weeks of sedentary life...haaay....pahirapan na naman

Reeyah said...

*sigh* actually, tamad na tamad na ako. pero inisip ko, pag hindi pa ako nag gym ngayon, dire-direcho na akong tatamarin. mas mahirap yon. feeling ko pa, I gained again the pounds I lost when I stopped. hayaan mo meyri, after six weeks of non-gyming (or any activity for that matter) we'll keep on reminding you to go back to the gym and to play badminton. ok?

Bex said...

Tinatamad na rin ako mag-gym. As in. Nothing motivates me. Nothing. *sob*

Reeyah said...

oh no, bicky. don't feel that way. i think kailangan na natin talagang manlalake. bwahahahaha

donna_chocnut said...

reeyah girl, natawa ako sa last comment mo! yer funny! ey bicky, i'm sure that's just one of the "down" days. magiging "up" din yan =) grabe reeyah, ang sipag mo. idol!