02 July 2007

You Go, Sisters!

I was leafing through old newspapers the other day and this article caught my attention. Some of you may not find this interesting, but growing up surrounded by sisters (from grade school to high school), this is one side I never pictured them to be. Its just that sisters I know are "boxed" as very isolated, quiet, prayerful, saintly, etc. So I was amused (yet again) when I read this.

NBA Finals Postscript
Prayers Did It For Spurs
By Joaquin Henson
Philippine Star
20 June 2007

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My own postscript: When we were still in GS/HS, we always wondered: What do sisters wear when they go swimming? Do they wear bathing suits or their habits? Or do they wear their bathing suits under their habits? What do they look like in street clothes? Would we recognize them? I don't think I want to know. It doesn't matter now. This article has already changed my views about sisters in general. They will now and forever be "cool chicks" to me.


Kaje said...

hi! bloghopping from donna and mami carmz's blogs :)

i once saw a picture of a nun, whom i used to live with in a dorm, swimming. :) they actually wear bathing suits with their habit's head cover, or whatever they call it (how about belo?). pero they were only swimming in an indoor pool without other people.

hehe. i read your entry and you said the answer doesn't matter anymore to you, pero hindi ko napigilan sarili ko magcomment, sensya na po. nuns have very special part in my life too and definitely are "cool chicks" :)

Reeyah said...

hello. thanks for "bloghopping" in. I really had a funny feeling someone might send in answers to my questions and ikaw na pala iyon. come to think of it, gusto ko rin malaman. thanks for the valuable info. do "bloghop" in again. Hope to meet you when you come back to Manila.